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Reg Bloom - Pair of Bloom Whistlers
Pair of Reg Bloom whistler decoys - 1955 - 1960s with original paint, weights and honest wear.

reg bloom wooden hunting decoys

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Reg Bloom Wolfe Island Ontario, Canada circa 1955-60s hen and drake goldeneye wooden duck decoys. These Canadian decoys measures breast to tail, 12 inches. Both have glass eyes, detailed carved bills . All original paint with with expected working decoy wear with some scuff marks etc. The sides of the drakes head is painted with a very life like greenish iridescent paint. These are solid wooden decoys with a flat bottom complete with its leather line tab still intact. Nicely raised detailed carved feathering in the tail and wing tip areas. These are very desirable actual hunting decoys from circa 1955 - 60.

These two Reg Bloom decoys are for sale!
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